What are the benefits of eating honey? How to eat honey to get good results?

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 The magic of honey !!

* Hundreds of thousands of honey have glucose and fructose which gives strength to the body. Its other components increase the immunity of the body.
* Playing a spoon honey every morning reduces the problems of cold, cough, cough etc.
* Mix honey and lemon juice mixed with light hot water daily to make the mind better. You can sprinkle a little cinnamon powder with it.
* Every morning, in lemon juice and honey mixed with light hot water in empty stomach, the weight decreases in a few days. Liver is also cleaned every day, this way the toxic components of the body are released and the fat in the body goes out.
** Playing cinnamon powder mixed with honey, it removes the problem of blood vessels and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood by 10%.
* Mixing of honey and cinnamon regularly reduces the risk of heart attack and those who have already suffered a heart attack twice their risk of attack.
* If you have problems with digestion, practice eating honey every morning. Take one spoon honey before every heavy meal. Especially in the morning, one spoon honey Khan in empty stomach.
* Those who are suffering from weakness, take one spoon of honey every morning and stay strong throughout the day.
* Wash the honey in the morning and put it in 30 minutes to wash. It absorbs some of the sweet ingredients in the skin. The result is that the skin is smooth and beautiful.
* Regular use of honey on the skin causes skin scars to disappear.

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