What is web hosting? What are the types?

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I will share with you the hosting type and its type.

Most people know what the domain is. But do not understand what hosting is. If you buy a domain course it will buy a hosting for it. You bought a domain that means you bought a place on the internet, now your domain should be kept online 24/7. It needs your hosting company.
The website is one of the most popular and easy to promote information. Today’s computer users are only aware of the website. Simply put, the website is the way to present your information to others – that text or multimedia (such as photos, audio or video) can be of any kind.
The web developer’s work of nicely highlighting them on the website. The web hosting is known to make your website more useful to others

If your website is compared to your organization’s office building, its information or content will be its furniture. Developing websites can be compared to building the house. In that case, website hosting can be compared to buying a place for your office building and building a house in that place. Only then will the visitors have the opportunity to use the website. The site which is the site of the site will be the hosting of that site. We see that any web site is made up of some text and multimedia (Picture / Video). The place that this owns occupies it is hosting the site. However, it is best understood by the Domain and Hosting Examples.

Address of some popular hosting sites: Prequent, Godaddy etc.

Hosting may be of a few types, such as:
Shared Hosting
Cloud Hosting
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Hosting
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