What is web hosting? What are the types?

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Hi viewers, how are you? Hope you are well? I am also happy to thank you, I will share with you the hosting type and its type. Most people know what the domain is. But do not understand what hosting is. If you buy a domain course it will buy a hosting for it. You bought a domain that means you bought a place on the internet, now your domain should be kept online 24/7. It needs your hosting company. The website is one of the most popular and easyRead More

10 Precautions Before Buying Domain Hosting

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Know that there are ten precautions followed before collecting domain hosting in exchange for own or money. 1. The domain is the identity of your site, so think of the most beautiful name as a name. If you want to do something based on SEO, take the name of the keyword seriously. 2. Check out the name you have selected to be empty. Because one domain name will be able to take one in the world. 3. Find out well about the organization that you buy from the company. BecauseRead More