Such a writing is enough to change lives ….

When you are at the age of 27, looking for a job in the bank, you are the only one sitting in the bank as a manager of the bank. When you did not start your career, some people were passing through your own money by buying expensive cars. Corporates that always inspire the look, it is not. Changing the day, Concepts are changing. If you work only for getting paid, you will get the pay only. That’s why, why? How best is the best? Some things work in this case. Say two.

The first thing to come is the hard work. Those who are ahead of you, they are more industrious than you. Accept it The joy of seeing sleep and dawn is not available together. It is not all hard work. If that were the case, then the donkey was the king of the forest. Not only to work, it is a great achievement to get its reward. Only Your Results and Rewards, Not Your Appearance How long will you stay in the extra-time or extra time? All day in 24 hours. I have seen my friend, when others are asleep, then they spend the night outsourcing. And you can get the benefit of the night! What you did extra, will do that, you will get an extra key.If you can not do something different you will not get different. Bill Gates has never been Bill Gates overnight. Only Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg can be done when the university dropout. I can not be first in the BCS and IBA admission tests if I can get 2.74 CSPPA in Honors. Check out the Outliers book. Large people have great preparation. If you read Nazrul’s articles, you can understand how self-conscious he was. Not only is the service done in the bread shop, it is not very expensive. Rabindranath can not be made without going to school or college. Everyone can not be Michael Faraday by working in the book binding shop, most of them spend the whole time by binding the book.

What did you say in StudentLife, do not worry about it. The boy who was unable to program in our batch, he is now the owner of a software firm. With whom no one has ever dreamed about, he now teaches thousands of people to dream. The one who did not have any idea about the career, he went to America to do PhD first. The boy who has been dropped from all tests is now a successful businessman. You can not do it, or you can not fix it. Public University did not get a chance? Private? Or at the National University? Everyone says, your life is over? I say, hey! Your life has not started yet. How far do you go, who else to fix it? Life is theirs? Why should you be a doctor-engineer? Why do you have to undergo medical examination?A doctor, known to me, earns a monthly income of 6-7 lakh. Wherever you study, your advance depends on your own. Only ‘Oh Sheet’, ‘Suri Baby’, ‘Chattatdating’ will not lead life. Imagine your position on who you are Dependent, excluding him. The car that comes to the university, travels, bought it at your own money? Think of that in the Akkel? One day you have to go on earth’s path. Then start doing all the work that you have to do now. To be big in life, read some good books, watch some good movies, listen to some good music, have some good places to go, talk to some good people, do some good work.

Life is not just about to be beaten. One day when you have to face life, you see that the ground is moving away from the foot, the sky is breaking down on the head. Have to give time for skill development. These are not one day or overnight. “What do I have to do to write as you like? I would like to get you the results. What do I have to do? “I often hear it. I say, “It is impossible to work hard. No Shortcuts Sorry! “The reply comes,” But that does not look good at reading. What can be done? “The answer is slightly different. When you used to go to school, you were standing in front of the girls’ school when your first boyfriend was lying on the reading table. Now the time has come, he will be standing there and you will be sitting in the reading table. The time when the whipping of life is to whip, enjoying life, at the time it is supposed to enjoy life, it can not enjoy life, it is normal. Accept it If you can not accept, turn around. Time right now!

To be big, to mix with big people, to run, to listen to them. In this case, the selection of friends in the university is very important. Your subconscious mind influences you by working with your friends. We ignore ourselves with infidelity, because of our ignorance, because then we can think of ourselves as Superior. This is the case of suicidal. If you do not see anyone growing around, you do not want to grow up. Many others make mistakes. That is, joining the children of Dhanicha starts to feel rich. People are influenced by his friends. Shayli is the king in the thorn forest. If you want to be a siren, or want to be lion, first decide it.

To be courteous is a great art. Those who are studying in honors, many of them lack it. There is nothing to be proud of you yet, you are a Nobody in the world. It can not be learned without modesty. To learn from the guru, sitting near the Guru’s feet. Nowadays teachers do not try to be respected, even the students forget to respect. You accept, you are small. That will keep you ahead. There is no glory in disrespecting the big people. Respect the people for their own needs.

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