Small story of a mysterious love

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 story of a mysterious love

Just one day at night, the landphone was played,
Who is hello?
From the other side, a beautiful voice came out of the way that it was talking about heaven.
I was very lazy and thrilled and nice terrible way.
Who does not like such a stranger who does not like the lightning without a thunder in the clouds.
Clearly, I wanted to know how long I know the time.
I asked her identity, I did not say anything more.
It’s been a surprise since that day.
The call came just eleven in every night.
I used to talk like a drunken man, as if I was dying till the dawn night.
Maybe it is love, the first love of dead Bachelor’s life
The day was worse, I waited for the call from the afternoon.
I used to be laughing till his call came, and it continued for a whole month.
People fall in love with their looks, and I have …
I did not want to know his phone number, the address was a lot later.
The day is going to be like the speed of the storm, this is an amazing one!
He spent a lot of night in the night, thinking of his whole day.
How long did he want to meet him, he avoided, said afterwards, if the time was over.
I’m just waiting, just hope for a wonderful future.
And I’m going to be thinking about the dream of one of the craftsmanship.
In this way, three months passed through the dreams of the eyelashes.

Imagine how many hundreds, maybe he is as beautiful as his voice,
The day is clearly remembered, August 13th.
No phone call came on that day.
I did not sleep all night long.
I did not feel asleep when I went to bed in the morning.
I have forgotten to eat Nawa eyes all day after the phone.
That day and no phone came.
I became like a madman.
It has been 8 days since the phone did not call.
My head is not working properly
The ink has fallen under the eyes, the head of the head has become cusco.
I did not eat any bath
I do not remember anything, when I was confused.
I tried so hard, I could not find any traces of her.
Today 13 days have passed and I did not call
I have been bedridden, saline, I just bark all day and call her name.
Now I am in the center of the two worlds.
But the phone did not come

When can you call the phone?

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