Do not pay attention to study? Then some tips for you

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Do not pay attention to study? Then some tips for you I want to write reading but do not mind! what shall I do now?

This question is about 70% of students … but I am answering this question. Many people make routines but not everyone can maintain it.
So how will I be mindful?
See these tips. Choose time to do what you do not do all day, but think of a time when you are absolutely free! Find out 2-3 hours. Prepare before the time comes. I sat in study but could not be meditative. Think about what you think before the time you have chosen and never go to that thought when you read it. If you think of those thoughts of reading, then let me explain that I have another schedule for this thought, so I will just read now. Take the break while you are reading. If you are doing numeracy and finishing is the last thing, then take a 5-10 minute break while reading another topic.
I hope these tips will be useful. If you like tips, please. Thank you.

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