Knowing something nice and healthy about health and food

nice and healthy about health and food

Knowing something nice about health and food

Depending on the growth or filling of the human body, the total amount of ‘amino acids’ on the release of 20 types. Which is called ‘Essential Amino Acid’ or ‘EAA’. They work as a normal ‘supplement’ in the formation of the body. But only 11 amino acids are made in the physiological process of humans. The remaining 9 needs nutritional supplements. Food habits are very important in this regard.


Usually fish-meat-poultry-eggs-dairy products are considered as ‘complete proteins’. Because all of the 9 amino acids are stored in them. Vegetarians will not be disappointed. There are also plenty of protein in grains and peas in different grains. Therefore, mixing them with food items to meet the body’s needs, the protein requirements of the body will be met. No fish or meat.

Vitamin B-12

There is no pair of vitamins to keep body nervous system fresh and increase blood cells. There are a number of foods containing vitamin B12 in the list of proteins. Vitamin B-12 can be found in dairy products besides cheese and chana.


If you are accustomed to eating dairy products, then there is no point. You will never have to hear that there is a lack of calcium in the body. But if you do not have such eating habits, then you will have to eat cauliflower or greens. Apart from this, you can eat calcium-rich ‘soy-milk’ or ‘orange juice’.


Green vegetables contain enough iron. Apart from this, peanut foods, almonds, kidneys also increase iron in the body. Generally, the fruits or foods that contain acid are those that are the best sources of iron, experts say.


Zinc usually helps to increase muscle strength. There are plenty of red-mixes. Apart from this, there are also zinc among nuts, peas and grains. There are also plenty of grains, which contain enough zinc.

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