Google Doodle Celebrates 140 Years of the Wimbledon Championships

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As Wimbledon 2017 kicks off on Monday

Google rolled out a new Doodle to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the world’s oldest tennis tournament.

The Doodle features a green background — an homage to the grass courts on which Wimbledon matches are played — and two animated tennis rackets playing a quick round. The Google letters form the audience, save for the letter L, which becomes the match’s umpire.

A bird tucked away on the top right corner is Rufus the Hawk, “who dutifully shoos away any pigeons who land on the court during a match” according to Google.

The search giant also featured a few earlier concepts, including one that depicts the rain that so often disrupts Wimbledon proceedings.

“To many fans and players, Wimbledon is tennis,” writes Google about the Championships that first started in 1877. “Good luck to this year’s competitors!”

This year’s tournament runs from July 3-16 and Britain’s Andy Murray will play in the first match on Center Court as he tries to defend his title. World champion Serena Williams will be absent this year after announcing her pregnancy in April.

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