For fitness starters …

Many people think that exercising is to reduce excess weight from the body, exercise is not just for weight loss. Rather, it has to be exercised to keep yourself fully alert, keep the body clean and keep the body mechanisms fully alert.


Choose the type of exercise that your body can carry, or you can tolerate the type of exercise that you can tolerate, but to do all this, you have to accept some simple rules. 

  • Rule 1 To warm up, walk 20 minutes on the roof or front of the house. If there is a trademium in the house then you can run for 10 minutes in the trademark. If you do not have enough space, you can run comfortably in your room.

  • Rule 2 Then the turn will start with Stretching Exercise, meaning that exercise, stretching back, neck, hands and legs are better. For this we are giving a couple examples.

  • Rule 3 Make the cardwork out. Walk a little, slowly increase the speed and then you can jog 15 minutes. If you have card work on the whole 35 minutes, you will get the right benefits for your body.
  • Rule 4 Walking slowly for 5 minutes to slow down yourself, it can now stretch for 5 minutes, especially when it is very important to picstrecrating. Apart from this, you can triage some simple exercise home. This exercise is ideal for those who are excercising for the first time.


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