find the popular, most visited videos of any place from the maps!!!

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The most frequently viewed videos in YouTube? Which videos are the most popular or most often seen around your area? You may not have the answer to the questions now, I have not had it before
You may have never noticed how beautiful the beautiful video is hidden within the area of ​​1 kilometer around you, the chance to be noticed and maybe not even a single day … The chance of “TubeMap” is to give it … The happiest news for you is to create a world-class app. Bangladeshi apple developer
Let’s take a look at the features of apps  in this videos… What is the “TubeMap” that can work?

1.Find the best quality videos around you:

With the help of AP you can find good videos around you, easily turn on the app, if you want access to your location access. Now the top button on the top button will be taken to your location. Now by clicking on the floating video icon, you will see the best videos in your surroundings appear in front of you.

2. Find popular videos from a specific place:

If you turn on apps, you will be taken to a map, tap anywhere on the map to find it … and selecting the floating video icon will get better videos of that place … if you wish, you can increase or decrease the area of your selected area.

3. Find the best videos in any country:

All the countries of the world are listed on the drawer of the apparatus …. Any country from there will be happy to see that the country’s good videos will be available in one tap. It will be happy to see the names of the countries on this list.
To get the drawer click on the top left Ham burger icon.

4. Find the most popular videos, the most popular videos in the whole world:

Select the “Worldwide” option from the drawer and the world’s most watched video, the most popular videos will appear in front of you.

5. Watch videos of a specific category:

From the list of videos, there is an option to select your favorite category and options.

6. Save favorite video to save:

At the end, we discovered many videos, now if you like a video you can save it to see it later … and saved videos will be able to see one after another in Play List format.

Download link:

Download from Play Store ~ TubeMap
Direct download link ~ TubeMap.apk

And what’s late, let’s start the whole world tourism for a video…

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