Find out some effective tips to prevent hair loss

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We do not have any thought about hair. If the hair does not take care of regular hair, hair breaks down and the hair loses its normal form. Let’s not know today three types of hot wine massage to prevent wearing hair.

1. Heat the olive oil, coconut oil, konola oil (made with seed material). After this, mix the light water with oil and gradually send the message to the palate.

2. Heat the oil and castor oil together to light the light. When it gets cold, mix the vitamin K capsules and apply it to the hair. Slowly message.

3. Olive oil mixed with 10 drops of lavender oil and lightens the heat and let it be mixed with two vitamins ‘E’ capsules. Slowly message.
Choose one of the above and massage the head after 2 to 3 hours to remove shampoo. Hot towel treatments and if you wish. It will keep hair neat and prevent hair fall.

Some hair masks to prevent hair fall

1. Hairs and Masks of Hair and Meonies
Sooner mayonnaise knew what to eat, but it would be strange to hear that Mayonias did excellent work to prevent hair breaking. It provides nourishment to your hair, as well as brings soft and brightness to the hair! The protein in the egg strengthens the hair.
Materials :
Two eggs, half cup mayonnaise
Break two eggs in the bowl and beat them well. Then mix the mayonnaise with the spoon thoroughly so that the two ingredients are mixed together. Then apply this cream-like mask to the hairy-aged hairstyle. Keep in mind that every hair reach the mask. Combine the hair with thick teeth, and the mask will be well on the hair. Please read the hair processing cap. Sprinkle the towel in hot water and keep an hour around the cap. Once the towel is cold, then heat it in hot water.
Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo. Remember, do not use hot water. Use this mask twice a month. It is highly effective in preventing hair breaking.
2. Eggs and honey made hair mask
Egg Protein is a significant source of protein. Our hair is mainly made of protein, so the use of eggs strengthens hair follicles. The eggs also help to prevent the hair from being soft and beautiful, to remove thickness and to prevent erosion.


One egg yolks, two tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon honey
Mix all ingredients together and apply them to the hair. Leave the shampoo for 30 minutes. Use this mask at least one day a week. Hair breaks can go away.
3. Curd-haired hair mask
Prolonged protein protects the hair from becoming rough and dry, new hair grow. There is also more on zinc and lactic acid which increases blood circulation on the skin of the head. In Amlakis there are vitamins C and citric acid which strengthens and shines hair.
3 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons Meena amla hair pack, quantity water.
Mix all the ingredients and put them on the hair and hair for 30 minutes. Then wash the meina with herbal conditioning shampoo. Apply this week to two days in such a way.

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  3. I’m currently loving the Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume shampoo & conditioner. I think it’d be great for your oily hair as it works to get rid of residue and buildup so your hair can be light, bouncy and voluminous. I’ve always steered clear from Tresemme products because they dried my hair out but this duo was DIFFERENT.

  4. Mavis Dedman says:

    My big girl has VERY oil hair and we have tried a LOT of products to try to help the problem. So far she is seeing a difference with the L’Oreal clay range (it has to be all 3 steps- just using the shampoo and conditioner wasn’t enough) plus once a week using a Hask hair mask

  5. I was looking for something like this and I am very glad to see such amazing information here. I’ll be looking forward to your suggestions..

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  7. My hair is so greasy the morning after washing that it looks wet! The only shampoo I’ve found to help is T Gel for greasy hair. It’s cut the grease down a lot, I really recommend.

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