Donald Trump has to behave according to his duty

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Emphasizing the attack will solve the most serious problems in the world.

  • reporters Without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based organization working on media freedom, said in a statement on Monday. This week, the US press has released a video of Donald Trump’s video showing the video of a CNN logo stammering. The statement condemned the incident
  • In the video of Sunday 28 seconds, it is seen that a person trolls a ‘kille-punch’ to the side of the wrestling ring. The person on the trump has attacked the CNN’s logo on the computer in his head. The video was published on Donald Trump’s own and President Trump’s Twitter account. The video is over, the new name given by Trump to CNN is FNN (Fraud News Network). Earlier, he had been referring to CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, and the famous press as ‘Fake News’. In a tweet message yesterday, President Trump said that CNN is now FNN (FRED News Network).
  • After the conduct of a ruling president, there has been a storm of condemnation in the media world and the liberal regime. How can a president get down, the discussion is going on.

  • In a speeches at John F. Kennedy Center last Saturday, Trump said, “The false media is trying to shut us down, but we will not let it happen. Because, people know the truth. We want to stop going to the White House. But keep in mind, I am the president, they are not

  • On the same day, Trump said in a message that “False media is working hard to convince the Republicans including others – my social media should not be used. But they should remember, I won the election by 2016, through interviews, speeches and social media.Media workers have alleged that these incidents and speeches of the trump are provoking violence against the media. That is why Reporters Without Borders today released this statement. 

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