Domestic tips for skin care in the summer

Recently the sharpness of the rose has increased with the manfuckers of the sun rises in the sunshine. As the heating progresses, many problems are also observed. The skin problems that are causing excessive problems in many problems are skin problems.

We always do a lot about skin. To keep the skin bright, we have no thought of keeping acne away from the problem. But using some of the domestic ways to get rid of these problems is a good result.

Let us know what to do to keep the skin healthy in summer

Take a piece of ice in a clean cloth and rub it on the face skin well. It will keep our skin fresh during the daytime sunlight.

Ice damage to the skin is very good to protect the skin. Those who have acne in their mouth. Ice will work very well for them. Because external dust, dirt makes the skin rough. Acne will stabilize this dirt in skin cells. Therefore, the use of ice as the dirt of the skin will be eliminated, so the skin of the skin will be removed.

You can create ice with rose water mixed with granulated juice. Using it will increase facial brightness, refreshment. And with that, remove the black spots in your eyes.

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