Demonstrations in the United States in protest of the withdrawal of the climate deal!

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Demonstrations in the United States against Climate Cooperation

In the US elections, protests took place in more than 100 cities in the United States protesting against the Russian involvement of the troupe camp and the withdrawal of the Paris climatic agreement. Hundreds of people participated in the protest, calling the country trump and his administration ineligible for leadership.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Environment Program’s Executive Chief Eric Solheim said: “While the United States has gone out, there are enough alternatives to lead to the implementation of the Paris Treaty.” Trump believes in climate change, and the United States is working on the issue, said the US ambassador to the United Nations Nick Holly

Again, the big cities of the United States, trampling anti-tram protests. With the help of the Russian assistance, taking advantage of the illegal benefits of the elections and coming out of the Paris climate deal, there was widespread protests in Washington, New York, New Orleans of Louisiana, Texas in Austin, and major cities in Texas.

A series of civil rights organizations organized a protest titled ‘March for Truth’ to demand proper investigation of climate change and acceptance of climate change in Russia.

One says, “There is no chance to deny climate change even if there is minimal knowledge in science. President Trump has to accept the global warming. Otherwise, the movement will start in larger areas around the United States.

Trump and his administration were disqualified by hundreds of people protesting in front of the Washington Monument near the White House. However, on the day before the White House occupied the trump supporters were seen gathering.

Iran on Saturday announced its intention to get out of the Paris deal, and on Saturday, Iran expressed its sense of insensibility. However, US Ambassador to the United Nations Niki Halley acknowledged that the United States is responsible for climate change.

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) executive director – UNEP Executive Director – believes that the United States will exit the climate agreement, but the implementation of the Paris agreement will not be threatened.

UNEP Executive Director Eric Solheim said, “The exit of the USA does not mean that the Paris agreement is not over. There are enough alternatives to lead in the implementation of this agreement. China, India, European Union, Africa can play a leading role in this regard. In order to prevent global warming, China and India have already started using green energy in large-scale solar and wind power projects. We want all the industrialized countries to follow them. ‘

Click to know more Demonstrations in the United States against Climate Cooperation.Paris, signed in 2015, has expressed dissatisfaction with the climate agreement, and has refused to sign the signing of the North American country Nicaragua and the war-torn Syria. The three countries remained outside the coverage of the climate because the United States was out of the agreement.

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