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Iraqi militant IS has collapsed, claims Iraq

The country has been told that the Islamic State (IS) Khilafah has declined after a significant victory in Iraq’s Moss. The militants had announced the establishment of the Khilafat three years before the Al-Nuri Mosque of Mosul, the Iraqi army reinstated the city’s ruined mosque. Iraq has claimed that the devastated Grand Mosque is free. IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi announced the establishment of the Khilafat right from this place three years ago. In a statement from the Iraqi army, it was said that the state of the militant party wasRead More

H.S.C Result for Bangladesh Education Board

H.S.C , S.S.C , P.S.C Exam result bd  publish in this website. h.s.c, s.s.c, j.s.c, p.s.c exam result publish in this website. Tomorrow 21 july 2017 result will be publish. I hope you are success who are pass the h.s.c exam. Because this year is very important for student life. This year is called success door.  Also said this year this year is called mournful for them who are failed in this exam. Click here for H.S.C Result If you can not see HSC / SSC exam results through theRead More

When to exercise is the right time for you?

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During exercise, there is enough positive energy to stay in the body and to concentrate on it. So do not exercise till you wake up early in the morning. At least 3 hours to return to the normal condition of the body after waking up.If you want to exercise at half an hour of sleep due to lack of time, light jogging. If you do any exercise early in the morning then definitely warm up. Discuss with the fitness expert about this.If you plan to exercise early in the morning,Read More

Donald Trump has to behave according to his duty

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Emphasizing the attack will solve the most serious problems in the world. reporters Without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based organization working on media freedom, said in a statement on Monday. This week, the US press has released a video of Donald Trump’s video showing the video of a CNN logo stammering. The statement condemned the incident In the video of Sunday 28 seconds, it is seen that a person trolls a ‘kille-punch’ to the side of the wrestling ring. The person on the trump has attacked the CNN’s logo on theRead More

For fitness starters …

Many people think that exercising is to reduce excess weight from the body, exercise is not just for weight loss. Rather, it has to be exercised to keep yourself fully alert, keep the body clean and keep the body mechanisms fully alert.   Choose the type of exercise that your body can carry, or you can tolerate the type of exercise that you can tolerate, but to do all this, you have to accept some simple rules.  Rule 1 To warm up, walk 20 minutes on the roof or front ofRead More