Saturday, June 3rd, 2017


Filipinos killed 10 soldiers in mistake due to air strikes.

10 Army soldiers were killed in the air strikes by the Philippine military. In addition, eight more were wounded. This incident happened in the ongoing IS-war campaign in Mindanao. The Philippines Ministry of Defense confirmed this information on Thursday. A military spokesman said the military launched airstrikes on the positions of Islamist militants in Marabi town on Wednesday. In the meantime, for a short while the bomb went into the army camp. He said the military has been ordered to investigate the incident. Recently, after the occupation of the IslamistRead More

Such a writing is enough to change lives ….

When you are at the age of 27, looking for a job in the bank, you are the only one sitting in the bank as a manager of the bank. When you did not start your career, some people were passing through your own money by buying expensive cars. Corporates that always inspire the look, it is not. Changing the day, Concepts are changing. If you work only for getting paid, you will get the pay only. That’s why, why? How best is the best? Some things work in thisRead More

Domestic tips for skin care in the summer

Recently the sharpness of the rose has increased with the manfuckers of the sun rises in the sunshine. As the heating progresses, many problems are also observed. The skin problems that are causing excessive problems in many problems are skin problems. We always do a lot about skin. To keep the skin bright, we have no thought of keeping acne away from the problem. But using some of the domestic ways to get rid of these problems is a good result. Let us know what to do to keep theRead More

10 Precautions Before Buying Domain Hosting

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Know that there are ten precautions followed before collecting domain hosting in exchange for own or money. 1. The domain is the identity of your site, so think of the most beautiful name as a name. If you want to do something based on SEO, take the name of the keyword seriously. 2. Check out the name you have selected to be empty. Because one domain name will be able to take one in the world. 3. Find out well about the organization that you buy from the company. BecauseRead More

The application of trump to the court at the reinstatement of the ban on Muslim entry

The trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to reinstate travel restrictions to citizens of Muslim majority countries in the United States. Two applications were submitted to the court on an urgent basis, White House said. The United States Justice Ministry has urged the court to decide on the issue of sanctions for national security and US society to keep terrorism free. Earlier, the Federal Court gave a stay on the travel restrictions in the United States of 6 Muslim major countries. The last verdict in Virginia has given theRead More